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The Most Fun On-Ramp to DeFi & DAO's!

Have you ever felt frustrated seeing your friends, colleagues or even your neighbour, consistently making impressive gains on their DeFi Portfolios? Are you struggling to understand the complex terminology and nuances of this emerging technology? Then PartyFinance is made for you! Perhaps you have dreams of operating your own mini hedge fund. PartyFinance is made for you! Or maybe you want to fractionalise real world/digital assets. PartyFinance is made for you!

PartyFinance is the improved version of traditional DeFi - a U2E (Use to Earn) gamified investing platform that allows users to party up to Trade, Network, Learn & Invest together as a single entity.

NFT's x DeFi + Gaming = PartyFinance

Our platform allows users to gain exposure to the DeFi space including, swapping, liquidity providing, yield farming & NFT trading, simply by joining the appropriate party! Can't find one? Then just start your own!

Our aim is to create an easy to use experience that allows anybody to join/create a party, chat with other members (partygoers). We designed our platform with your grandmother in mind.

We have created a platform that allows anybody to join or start a party with friends, family, or even DeFi veterans. Our aim is to enable anyone to safely navigate the high risk/high reward cryptocurrency landscape. Our platform caters to investors of all levels, beginners/novices can join a party and let the intermediate/advanced and veteran traders manage their investments.

Crypto savvy investors can manage investments for their family and friends without ever needing to take custodianship of the funds. This trustless mechanism is our number one USP.

Initially launched on the polygon network, we aim to bring PartyFinance to Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Mainnet and the Polkadot ecosystems, with a view to becoming chain agnostic, to allow our platform to be utilised no matter what your perferred chain is.

We invite you to join us as we revolutionise cryptocurrency investing, NFT trading and fractionalised ownership.

Lets get this Party started,

PartyFI 🎉

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