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DAO Wars

How DAOs will feature on the Platfrom

Many projects that are built on Decentralised Autononous Organisation also have large treasuries that need to be invested on behalf of there members.

PartyFinance will be actively reaching out to these communities to allow them to utilise the platform to trustlessly invest these treasuries on behalf of their community. This will also allow them to distribute profit and airdrops to their members, just by creating a party.

The gamified nature of the platform will encourage these DAO's to compete against one another for the glory (and prizes) that the number 1 spot on our leaderboard affords.

An example of the benefit for DAO's:

Say an NFT project initially only mints 50% of its collection, they have a sizable treasury, but not enough capital to really push their project forward. They opt to move 10% (50 ETH) to a party and elect a savvy trader from the leadership team as the Monarch. The monarch is very succesful during their first week and tops the Weekly leaderboard. PartyFi members see this and want to join the party, however they must mint the projects NFT in order to join. The project soon mints all it's NFTs and they now have the required funds to complete their roadmap. Not only this but they have made a gain on there initial 50 ETH which they can use to further benefit the project.

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